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Meet Doug Baldwin.

Long version: I write videos, books, presentations, web sites, newspaper pieces and blogs. Short version: I do everything write.

Doug Baldwin

Fourteen things you should know about Portland-based copywriter and author, Doug Baldwin

1. He has been at it for 25+ years.

2. He also writes under the noms de plume of Cigarillo Sam Pitzkin and Jose Schwartz.

3. He actually grew up in the town of Baldwin, NY.

4. He achieved a brief amount of TV fame as one of Liquid Plum’r’s “Three Guys Plumbing.”

5. In his office, there is a collection of nun-related merchandise and two Mr. Potato Heads.

6. He was formerly known by the name Joseph Sarubbe.

7. Why? It’s a long story. Buy him a Negroni and he’ll tell you the whole thing.

8. He’s a spitting image of the other Doug Baldwin, wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks.

9. Nope, he’s not related to Alec, Adam or Stephen Baldwin. So stop asking.

10. As you can see, he’s a master of enumerated lists.

• He can also do bullet notes.

12. In addition to the blog below, he writes another one called “Stone-Cold Nuts, Words on Writing and Gambling.”

13. He won the Oregon Book Award for his black-comedy, “Drawing Down Clio,” which skewers the advertising industry.

14. He’s available to write blogs, books, and advertising materials for you and your company.


What people are saying about Doug Baldwin

“Doug Baldwin is my favorite player in the NFL. And he looks so yummy in those tight–What? Not THAT Doug Baldwin? You say he’s a writer? Oh. I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

Mandy Manilow,
ChumWater, Inc.

“Carrying a bandolier stocked with adjectives, adverbs, and nonrestrictive clauses, this man—this hero—has singlehandedly redefined what it means to be a ‘writer’”.

Jake Bertran,
UKB Solutions.

The Doug Baldwin Story at a Glance

  • 1952

    Doug Baldwin Is Born...

    …with a ballpoint pen grasped in his grubby little paw.

  • 1958

    Whacked in the keister

    Doug’s hind quarters are on the receiving end of a wooden pointer wielded by one Sister Mary Crucius (who Doug rechristened “Sister Mary Khrushchev”). Said corporal punishment is administered because cute little Dougie arrived in the classroom 30-seconds later than the other kids, who had properly heeded the end-of-recess bell. To this day, he heeds the client’s bell, delivering copy precisely on time.

  • 1968

    Henry who?

    Doug makes his professional acting debut in “The Front Page,” which features an all-star ensemble that includes Henry Fonda. Although he utters not one word of dialogue, he is listed first in the playbill and on posters because he is lucky enough to have a surname that begins with B.

  • 1980s

    The TV years

    Viewers across the nation are chagrined horrified thrilled to see DB’s mug on the dozens of TV spots in which he appeared.

  • 1988

    On the trail to Oregon

    DB throws in the proverbial show-biz towel and makes tracks to the Pacific Northwest, where he becomes Creative Director of a small ad agency.

  • 1992

    A biz is born

    Doug bids the nine-to-five world farewell, dons his slippers and bathrobe, and hangs out his own shingle.

  • 1997

    Award time!

    Biting the hand that feeds him, Doug completes a stage play, “Drawing Down Clio,” a blackhearted satire of the ad business. It wins the Oregon Book Award for Drama.

  • 2017

    Tempus fugit

    Light the fireworks! Drop the confetti! Why? Because Doug is celebrating 25 years as a freelance copywriter! Ghostwriting! Blogging! Radio spots! TV ads! And a warehouse full of exclamation points that he can deploy at will, along with colons, tildes, brackets and interrobangs.



Yep. I do everything write.



You’ve got something to say—about your business, your hobby, your philosophy of life—and a blog seems like the way to go. Now what? Here’s what: Drop me a line. As an experienced blogger, I can help.

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Your voice. My words. That’s all there is to it. Whether you want a book-length manuscript, a magazine piece or a ten-minute speech, I have the experience to turn your ideas into tangible form.

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I’ve written countless videos, long-format and short, as well as a ton of TV spots. The clients–national, regional and local–are too numerous to display here. Drop me a note and I’ll gladly send you a list.

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Yes, radio still matters. And you can make a greater impact when you hire a writer who knows what he’s doing. Like me. And if you need someone to produce your spot, I’m your guy.

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Feeling nervous about standing in front of a bunch of strangers and yakking for 15 minutes? Relax. I’ll write that next PowerPoint. I can even coach you so you’ll come off as a real pro.

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Print Materials

Print Materials

The printed word lives! And when used as part of your campaign, brochures as well as newspaper and magazine ads will enhance your impact. Of course, I’ve got a bunch of samples to illustrate my point…

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